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  • DNK

    LTD "DNK" (design, innovation, classic) was founded in 2013. Offers the highest quality natural wood bedrooms (Malaysia), kitchen table chairs (Malaysia), outdoor furniture (Malaysia), interior accessories, electric fireplace (China Hong Kong), shower (China), Jacuzzi (China), WB (Taiwan ), sinks and bathroom furniture (China). Furniture imported from Malaysia in 2013, the winner of the 2014 exhibitors from factories and other Chinese exports advanced only from working on the indoor plants. All products are factory QC quality control and ISO and CE certificates to everyone.

    The firm\'s slogan is: \"harmonious lifestyle\"


    LTD DeWall Was founded in 2010. DeWall offers its customers the highest quality universal outlet / circuits. Plugs universality reflected in the fact that the world has produced any kind of compatible and does not require additional shemaerteblebisa "adapter" to buy a different type of connector. As well as suppliers of "high-class" illuminating device, which is designed to meet the requirements of European consumers and European safety standards high. Products packed "DeWall" brand boxes and comes with the brand logo.

    The firm's motto is "The universal step toward life."


    LTD DeLight was founded in 2009. Offers its users a wide range of lighting systems. Such as the use of internal and external lighting fittings, chandeliers, lamps el.i.di advanced technologies diode (LED) and si.ou.bi (COB) of each device and the illuminated light bulbs, which are imported from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong is packed with advanced plants were taken from the brand boxes and comes with the same brand "Delight" hologram, to prevent fraud. All products are factory QC quality control and ISO and CE certificates to everyone, most of the additional TÜV, UL and RoHS.

    The firm's motto is "bright future".

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