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LTD "DNK" (design, innovations, classical) was founded in 2013 though its DeLight subsidiaries (Since 2009) and "DeWall" (Since 2010) years works on Georgian the market, and Enjoy wide popularity.

At first sight the name of each of the companies, seems as foreign, but all of them for hundred percent Georgian.

Short history

Nevertheless, while rejecting huge brands for the Georgian market Because of absence, and part enjoyed the Georgian market we asked ourselves a question: if there are foreign brands why not to be the Georgian brand, and then in 1996 there was an idea to create Georgia a brand.

We didn't have anything near at hand, neither the capital, nor support of foreign partners, only patriotic and national the purpose was idea.

The way was right - though risky. The only principle was to transfer to clients of high-quality production on low price. It can be reached only due to reduction of financial benefit which would be dangerous to the company.
Only thanks to persistent work and to minimize states, it was possible having made economy. The first task which we stavili to itself the own warehouse was to create. we never offered clients products ranks of the benefit.

Such relation brought to big trust of the client with our companies. Today in the market, the Georgian brand became a symbol of quality of production.

If you think that you aren't so rich to buy cheap products and not as the fan who can easily mislead so yours goes a way to DNK.

We for you,

We care of you.

/Kakhaber Chichinadze/